How To Avoid Stress and Chaos After Returning from Vacation

Here’s how to enjoy your vacation and avoid stress when you return home.

As a busy entrepreneur, I’ve learned and strongly recommend that when you’re on vacation, follow these ideas to avoid stress, chaos, and confusion when you arrive home – and fend off the “Vacation Vampire” while you’re away.

Avoid Stress by Identifying the Problems

When you’re wanting to enjoy a day on the lake and you don’t want to come back to a bunch of chaos and confusion, say to yourself—

“What is it right now in my life that if I came back to this, it would really stress me out?”

For instance, is it a stack of to-dos? A kitchen with all kinds of stuff cluttered on the counters? Is it a pile of things around your office?

This what you should do—

Plan ahead and that way when you come back and it’s done, the stress isn’t waiting for you.

You’ll feel like you had a real vacation and enjoyed it even after it’s over (without the dreaded to-dos).

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Don’t Take the Stress With you

If you go on vacation or go out to enjoy a fun hobby and you take that stress with you, trust me, it’s going to occupy your thoughts and keep you from being in the moment.

For example, oftentimes emails really weigh heavily on me. So, my wife and I have this agreement that if we’re going on a trip and it involves flying, then I take my laptop and we don’t even talk on the plane.

I simply crank out as many emails as possible, so that when I get there, I can slam that laptop shut.

That way, I don’t have the weight of those emails, because I don’t want to come back to them.

We plan for this every time and use it as a routine.

In fact, when we’re driving somewhere, my wife often will volunteer to drive so that I can sit there and crank out emails.

Sometimes, I’m literally doing my last email as we pull into the hotel or when we pull into a place.

Overall, those stressors weigh in on me and they create confusion before, during, and after the vacation.

They’re part of what contributes to coming back to that chaos that keeps me from enjoying my time off.

The big key factor here is to be aware of what causes you stress.

When you come back, then plan ahead and do something about it.

Trust me, when you get the opportunity to take a vacation or go spend the day on the lake, you do not want to come back to stress and chaos.

You want to enjoy it, and you want to enjoy your time with nature and with your family. So plan ahead and let’s get rid of those things.

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