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Mark is a co-founder and co-owner of Integrimedical which is the leader and innovator in Needle Free Drug Delivery Technology. IntegriMedical develops, manufactures, and markets leading-edge medical devices.  Mark's talent truly shines through this innovative venture as he has extensive senior management experience in sales, marketing, and OEM supply chain management. Mark has also traveled to Asia over 30 times and is very skilled in importing, exporting, and overseas production. Mark targets opportunities in significant growth categories with the intent of scaling profitably and exiting through strategic equity events.

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Truleum (OTCMKTS: TRLM) has a compelling story to tell investors about its strategically positioned business, which is designed to restart the “mom & pop” oil & gas wells that have been shut down over the past decade. This narrative is centered on growth and restoration in the American heartland, as Truleum financially compensates landowners who were most impacted by predatory lenders and foreign oil cartels driving down global prices to push American producers out of business.

Truleum’s mission is to acquire and retool these wells, clean up the wellheads, upgrade them with the latest environmentally sensitive equipment, and then offer new job opportunities to displaced workers. Utilizing its access to capital, world-class geological and O&G expertise, and an ultra-lean business structure, Truleum seeks to reverse the trend of the last decade while enhancing America’s domestic energy security and providing a much-needed economic boost to families and communities. Because of Truleum’s unique position within the market, it also offers a very attractive proposition to investors.

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GravyStack is a groundbreaking company dedicated to revolutionizing financial education for children and teens through the engaging power of play. Their dynamic money game breaks down learning barriers and empowers young individuals by seamlessly integrating money management into an entertaining experience for the entire family. GravyStack's innovative app allows kids to take control of their finances, earn money, set goals, and make decisions about their financial future, fostering self-motivation and responsibility.

The unique Money Machine™ feature visually illustrates cash flow, instilling confidence in young users to handle their finances effectively. GravyStack's approach not only equips the next generation with crucial financial skills but also ensures they enjoy the learning process, making it the ultimate app for cultivating financial literacy in a fun and relevant way.

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TCI Entertainment is a gaming and technology company concentrating on the strategic acquisition of high-growth, disruptive mobile gaming, and mobile commerce companies.

TCI’s patented technology unites the $150 billion gaming industry with the $10.3 trillion eCommerce industry, a market that is projected to be worth a combined $21 trillion by 2025.

With the potential for licensing deals, SaaS sales, and the creation of our own proprietary mobile games, TCI is well positioned to foster and capitalize on this exceptional growth - offering investors a unique opportunity to engage in a forward-thinking and disruptive technology play.

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Surgical Safety Scanner is proud to be researching and developing the next generation of patented Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Real Time Location System (RTLS) technology for healthcare asset management and tracking.

The comprehensive enterprise solution for the instrument, scope, and equipment management was developed based on the avionics model of supply chain and asset management. With a user-friendly interface, integrating with existing workflow and processes is simple. The interface provides all required documentation: location, use, and maintenance of all assets, along with reprocessing and case history data.

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Here is what Scott Donnell, co-founder of Hapbee, says:

“Mark Timm has been invaluable as a Board Member, mentor, and business partner.  His experience and acumen are unparalleled, and I have trusted Mark on many occasions to advise on many issues related to my companies.  The best Board members not only bring their wisdom and expertise to the table, but they also have a vast network of contacts to solve almost any problem that comes up.  Mark Timm brings all of this and more, and he is a kind and generous human who lifts up the culture and morale of any team that he joins.  He is world-class and any business that is able to capture his time and attention will benefit greatly.”

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TredTek bio and its founders are a group of like-minded individuals with a commitment to delivering technological innovation in nutraceutical products. They develop and manufacture products utilizing cutting-edge technology and patents in their Nutritional Delivery Platform (NDP). This platform holds the key to creating a protein complex for nutraceuticals such as curcumin, green tea extract, resveratrol, and milk thistle. The TrendTek bio team has over 200 combined years of experience. They all hail from multi-billion dollar multi-national companies and are actively applying that experience and track record of success to create a ground-breaking brand of products for the entire world.

Here's what Ron Gourley, Founder of TrendTek Bio, says about Mark:

"Mark's contributions to the Board of TrendTek Bio revolve around his willingness to share his "Relationship Capital" and balanced wisdom needed for growing a young company.  Mark has helped position the company for accelerated growth, focussing on building sound processes and cash preservation strategies.   Mark recognizes and supports the necessity to keep the company on strategic timetables for product development, sales and distribution, and fundraising.  As our company grows, Mark will be integral in the selection of future Board members."

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