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Mark Timm

I help high performing entrepreneurs to develop clarity and confidence

I equip high performing entrepreneurs to achieve professional success without sacrificing personal fulfillment by using the Gyroscope Method to provide the clarity and confidence they need to lead at home like they do at work.

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Mark's Approach

Your focus can shift and turn, but everything stays in balance

Often we tend to see work-life balance like a seesaw, where we're standing in the middle, and both sides are precariously balanced, ready to fall. Maintaining that type of perfect balance is pretty much impossible with everything life throws our way.

Instead, I like to think of life more like a gyroscope. When your work, your family, and your own priorities are all aligned in the center, instead of pulling in opposite directions, your focus can shift and turn, but everything stays in balance.

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Mentor to Millions

Learn how to win in business and in every area of life

Mentor to Millions charts Mark’s journey from that pivotal moment to a whole new understanding of how work, life, and relationships can coexist and thrive together. His guide through this journey: his accomplished mentor, Kevin Harrington, one of the original “sharks” from Shark Tank, who shares amazing stories and imparts invaluable wisdom about how to win in business and in every area of life.

This deeply personal, easy-to-follow book invites you to join Mark and Kevin on the journey. Every page pulls back the curtain on entrepreneurship at the highest level, revealing priceless business lessons–which lead to the biggest lesson of all: combining the best of business, family, and personal life. If you’re succeeding in business, struggling, or just starting out, and want your life at home to be what you’ve always dreamed it can be, this is the lesson you need to learn: the most valuable business you’ll ever own, work for, or be a part of isn’t the business you go to every day, it’s the one you go home to.


In every venue, no matter the size, the objective is the same: To connect with people.

Finding the right speaker for your event can be a challenge. As the founder and CEO of more than 10 businesses, I know the right speaker can make or break your event. As a father, I know that a speaker has to be engaging or no one will listen — no matter how good the message may be.

I place an emphasis on engaging an audience so the message comes alive for every person, increasing the potential for growth and life transformation.

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Words of Impact

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Founder, NGNG Enterprises

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About Mark Timm

Leveraging exponential thinking to multiply success

Mark's businesses have been built with international footprints in more than a dozen countries and powered by global supply chain connections and across diverse industries from retail to wholesale and from product manufacturing to digital marketing and real estate.

Having started a retail gift company out of his garage and grew it to become a multi-million-dollar enterprise and the #1 supplier of its kind in North America. One of his enterprises achieved recognition as the runner-up for The National Small Business of the Year presented by President Bush, while another venture became one of the top 100 retailers on Amazon.