How To Teach Your Children Character

How to help your children develop high-quality character.

Character is a word that we hear a lot, especially when it comes to parenting, but it can be difficult to truly capture what it means to have quality character.

So, the question is how do we begin to teach our children to have good character?

Teach Character Using This Concept

How do we teach character? It’s boiled down to the concept of IQ or CQ.

A person’s IQ is referred to as the intelligence quotient.

Every child is born with an IQ and there’s almost nothing we can do to significantly impact that.

Studying every day or reading every day could influence it by a few points, but the fact is that people are born with an IQ

Also, every child is born with the same CQ: character quotient.

Now, the CQ for a kid starts at zero.

For example, when a baby is born, they are selfish. As in, they are only thinking about themselves.

When they want food, they cry, they scream, they yell. It’s all about them.

That is not good character, is it? But that’s a baby.

Here’s the thing, how does a baby go from a low character quotient to a high character quotient?

There’s only one way and that’s with the help from their parents.

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Use Parenting and Mentorship to Teach Character

In fact, it’s the parents’ job to teach kids character and to emulate good character.

It’s parent’s job to point out good character at a restaurant, from a waiter or waitress, or from someone in a parking lot or someone who makes a kind gesture.

It’s important to show children what grace looks like, what mercy looks like, and what honesty looks like.

The goal of parenting should not be to just influence your child’s IQ, it should also be to influence your child’s CQ.

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Learn From This Real-Life Example:

I’ve hired over a hundred employees over the years and so I’ve got a great sample size of people who’ve shown me their IQ and CQ.

Therefore, I’m here to tell you the employee that had the highest IQ of anybody I’ve ever hired, came to my place of work one day wearing an ankle bracelet.

Now, it wasn’t one of those little dainty ankle bracelets you buy at the jewelry store.

This was an ankle bracelet put on by the police department because he was out on work release. He also drove a forklift.

This is the person that worked for me with the highest IQ of anybody that has ever worked for me.

Now, what do you think the employee does that has the highest CQ: character quotient?

They are the person who takes care of all the money in the company.

In fact, I actually trust this person with the money of the company more than I trust myself because they have such a high level of character.

That’s the difference between IQ and CQ in real terms.

If your children leave your home with a really high CQ, you’ll never have to worry about them getting a job, holding a job, having a healthy relationship, or just overall being a productive person.

So let’s focus on that CQ and get it as high as possible.

This is why teaching character to our kids matters the most in life.

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