Why You’ll Never Stop Being a Parent

Your parental responsibilities may change as your child grows and develops, but one thing that will never change is your role as a parent.

No matter how old your child gets, you will always be their parent.

As a parent, it’s important to remember that you are the role model for your child, and they are always watching what you do.

Even when they’re adults, they’ll still look to you for guidance and support.

So don’t stop embracing being a parent – it’s a lifelong role that you’ll never outgrow!

We never stop being parents

My wife and I have raised six kids, and they’re now young adults and we wondered what this was going to be like.

Was it going to be this timeframe where we had all this freedom?

As soon as the last kid went off to college, would we jet-set?

We used to joke about how we used the find-my-iPhone feature to find where our kids are at.

And the joke was as soon as our last one went to college, the only way they’d be able to find us is with that find-my-iPhone feature.

Well, here we are today.

And yes, we have young adult children.

Our children are in their twenties, and our last child is a freshman in college.

So they have grown their wings and are flying.

Here’s what I really want to share with you…

That is we never stop being parents.

We are parenting our children for their whole life.

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Parenting is different at all stages

When the children leave, that is when the real parenting gets to start.

We get to teach them things when they’re in our house and we hope we’ve taught them everything.

But what happens is they go out in life and they start experiencing it on their own.

Your biggest goal as a parent is to make sure when they make a big decision, something meaningful, whether it’s a relationship, a purchase, a college, or a job, you’re the first call they make.

You get the opportunity to mentor them and teach them, educate them, and not shame them with the, “I taught you this and you should already know that”.

Overall, embracing the fact that you get to be this parent to this young adult child.

We’re loving this period of time.

Parenting turns into mentorship

Sometimes we talk to all six kids on the same day, but what we most love is the fact that they’re willing to pick up the phone and ask for help and ask for advice.

So if you’re listening out there and you’ve got little kids, try to dig deep relationships with them, build that pipeline as deep as possible, make that relationship so solid that when they leave your house, when they leave your care, you’re the first phone call that they make.

It’s awesome being a parent.

And it’s wonderful being the parent of young adult children.

I’m sure even as they get older, they’ll still hopefully be calling for wisdom and advice.

So remember, it’s amazing being a parent and you get to be that parent for the rest of your time on earth.

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