How Being Intentional Can Change Your Life

It’s easy to get wrapped up in our own lives, and it’s hard to take the time to really listen to others. Here’s how being intentional can change your life.

Being intentional is all about making time for the people around us, listening to what they have to say, and showing them that we care.

So next time someone talks to you, really listen and see what you can learn. You might be surprised at how much they have to share.

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Why should we listen more than we speak?

How are you able to be intentional with your family?

How are you able to be intentional with your staff?

How are you being able to be intentional with friends and family?

I know that’s like a wide range of being intentional, but when I think about it, it’s all the same and it goes a little bit like this….

God gave us two ears and one mouth.

Why do you think he did that?

God intended us to listen twice as much as we speak.

This is the key to being intentional.

Whether it’s your family, whether it’s your friends, whether it’s your coworkers, whether it’s your leadership team at work, how well do you really listen?

Learn the importance of listening to what people are saying

How well do you really hear what they’re saying?

How well do you really process that and be able to react accordingly to it?

There’s a saying that people don’t care.

What you know, until they know you care.

The very best way to let someone know you care is to really hear them.

It’s not just about taking in the noise…. you must really hear them and process it back to them.

You do that by listening to what they said and repeating it back to them.

Empathize with them and make sure that they know that they were heard.

Here’s the thing, I could give you lots of stories about my kids and about my wife.

My wife can give you a lot of stories about when I haven’t listened to her.

In fact, one of her complaints to me is that I hear her and I can repeat it back to her but he didn’t really listen.

I didn’t really take in and process what she was saying.

Overall, it applies to your most important relationships as well.

You want to be intentional.

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Bottom line is that you want to be fully present with the people that matter most in your life, whether it’s at work or at home.

Wherever you are, you’ve got to sit down and step away from your phone.

In fact, I’m going to go take this a little step further and say, if you really want to be intentional, don’t have your phone on.

Put your phone somewhere else.

The other day, when I was sitting down with my family, I intentionally left my phone in another room.

I didn’t even have my phone.

The great thing is that my kids noticed it and my wife noticed it.

My wife came over and gave me a kiss.

In this scenario, my family had my undivided attention.

It’s the little things that count especially when it comes to being intentional.

Basically, this is what you have to do to practice using two ears and one mouth.

Put your phone somewhere else, leave it in your car, leave it in another room, leave it plugged in wherever it gets plugged in.

Listen to the people that matter and empathize with them.

Really take in what they’re saying and be able to speak back to them in a way that lets them know they matter and that you care.

Remember people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

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