Which Character Traits Do You Look For In Your Dream Employee?

Discover the character traits that make a dream employee.

In this video, I share the most important character traits for finding your dream employee.

What are the character traits of a dream employee?

Oftentimes when you think of words that describe dream employees, you think of words like commitment, consistency, and confidence but the real character traits are those that come from the heart.

In fact, my favorite character traits start with an H, because I think those are the ones that come from the heart.

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What are the character traits that start with an “H”?

When I think of a dream employee, I’m looking for someone that is honest.

This is a character trait that I would put right up at the top.

Here’s the thing, you want someone working for you that is absolutely honest.

Even sometimes when it’s painful, you want them to be honest.

I also want someone that’s humble.

Someone that’s humble is teachable and coachable and they want to learn.

They also don’t show up to every situation with all of the answers.

Another important H-word is hardworking.

Most, if not all, of us, want an employee that’s hardworking.

I want someone that’s going to show up early and stay late.

They’re also going to work hard for the betterment of the team and for their family.

Why are these 3 H-words the most important traits to seek out for new hires?

Overall, when I think of a dream employee’s character traits, I’m led to honesty, humility, and hardworking.

Whether it’s an employee or whether it’s your family, you help instill those traits or you find someone that has those character traits.


They’re trustworthy and will do a great job whether it’s showing kindness, working hard, or staying true.

They’ll always be able to find good jobs, have good relationships, and they will be successful.

It’s a win-win.

Let me know what character traits matter the most to you when hiring a dream employee.

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