Super Easy Ways To Handle Drama at Home and Work

This question comes up often, “how do you deal with drama either at home or at work?”.

I can say with confidence that I’ve figured it out through the many experiences of being a parent of 6 kids and managing multiple businesses.

Although human dynamics is, by most definitions, the bare-bones of human understanding to appreciate and work together unitedly, yet it can still cause difficulties, disagreements, and drama at home and work.

Let’s face it, drama is an inevitable part of every home and every workplace, and how we handle it matters.

Check out this video to learn how you can (easily) deal with drama at home or at work:

Here is a quick write-up and list of the super-easy ways to handle drama at home and work:

Change Your Scenery (walk away)

Sometimes you just got to change your scenery a little bit when drama comes into your life and get some clarity in your mind.

I believe that 99% of all drama, whether it’s at home or at work, is two things.

It’s either the lack of communication or it is miscommunication.

That’s where the drama comes from.

It’s important to gain clarity in the mind around what’s really going on whenever there’s drama in your life so that you can address that communication head-on.

Avoid Miscommunication

When drama starts to raise its head, or a seedling takes root and starts growing up, if we don’t communicate about it, if we don’t talk about it, then it becomes drama and it can become pretty bad drama.

In the workplace, drama is about miscommunication. It all happened when something wasn’t said or something was misunderstood.

And right now, when we’re doing a lot of virtual meetings, I found that there’s a lot of drama that comes from virtual meetings.

It’s sometimes hard when you send an email, but you should have had a phone call or you’re in a virtual conversation. When you should have been face-to-face to discuss that issue.

That’s when miscommunications come into play, but the antidote for both of those is for you to remove yourself from the drama.

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Have that Tough Conversation

Once you’ve regrouped and removed the drama by walking away to your safe place, happy place, and a healthy place, it’s important to go back and have that tough conversation.

Just like I did in the video above where I was standing right here in front of one of the most beautiful places on earth.

I was able to get my head clear so that I could go back and can communicate again and have that tough conversation that needed to happen so that we could get rid of the drama.

Nobody likes drama, but oftentimes it’s easier to get rid of than you realize.

Just remember lack of communication or miscommunication is the reason for it.

So what is the cure for it?

Good communications, willingness to sit down and have heart-to-heart, and be honest in your communication about what’s going on and you will quickly see that drama dissipate.

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