How to Overcome Your Fears and Achieve More!

Do you ever feel like you’re held back by your fears?

Are you afraid to start your own business? Afraid to speak in public?

Or maybe you’re just generally scared of taking risks.

Well, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Everyone has fears that they need to overcome at some point or another.

So how do you go about it?

Read on for tips on how to overcome your fears and achieve more.

Take time to reflect and understand

There’s a lot of talk about fear and how to stop holding ourselves back from doing and having more.

We all have fears.

I have fears, you have fears.

We all have fears, but there’s something powerful about overcoming those fears


It’s because amazing things can happen when we do overcome those fears.

When I’m traveling or visiting really cool places, I’m often thinking to myself, “what if I was afraid to fly? What if I was afraid to go to a new place or experience a new culture, how much that would limit me”.

Ironically, something really cool happened while I was traveling for work with my son, Markus.

People of all ages can experience fear

During one of my inperson speeches, I needed my son Markus to bring something up to the stage and so he came up, and then I left him there on stage and made him stay up on stage.

Next, I decided to get my phone out and take a video of him on the stage.

The irony of all of this moment is that five years ago, Markus’ greatest fear would have been to be in a conference with me and for me to put him on stage.

Instead, it was like rocket fuel.

He just came up there to bring me my computer and stayed there.

There he was rocking it!

There was no holding back and he was ready to go.

I thought to myself, “how did this young man overcome this fear”?

This is a great example of how it can help you overcome your fear!

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Embracing a fearful moment helped boost confidence

How do you treat fear?

How do you overcome fear?

Markus was able to conquer his fear by asking others for help.

He reached out to people who weren’t afraid of going on stage and speaking in front of others.

Therefore, when his moment arrived, he was able to get on that stage and crush it.

Once he cracked the code, he did it again and again.

He was able to use that moment of overcoming his fear of speaking to start doing more in his life.

In fact, it’s now his favorite thing to do is talk to people and talk to new people.

Reach out and ask for help

The best advice here is to look around you, whatever your fear is, and talk to someone that can help and support you.

Now that Markus has received that help, he is giving it back to the next person who needs it.

Here’s the thing, if you’re afraid of something, find someone who’s not, that’s good at it.

Be willing to say you’re afraid of this and you need their help.

Let them be your support. Totally.

Go out and conquer that fear!

Help others conquer their fear

Now you can help other people conquer that same fear or maybe help other people conquer a different fear that they’ve got.

You can ask for support, but you can also be of support.

Let us know how you overcome fear and how it helps you achieve more.

We’d love to hear your story.

Are you interested in achieving professional success without sacrificing personal fulfillment?

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