How to Develop a Team Attitude Within Your Family or Workplace

One way to get more done is to develop a team attitude. When everyone pitches in and helps out, the work gets done faster and more efficiently.

Here are some tips and real-life examples on how to develop a team attitude within your family and workplace.

What is the meaning of T.E.A.M?

People often ask me “how do you develop a team attitude within your family or workplace?

A great trick involves the acronym for the word “team.” By using it, you can remember and develop a positive attitude towards teamwork.

T is for Together

E is for Everyone

A is for Achieves

M is for More

As a team, everyone achieves more!

How to develop teamwork at home

The meaning of T.E.A.M. makes me think about my family and teamwork.

One such experiment I did with my family involved teamwork and doing their chores together.

Every week, we would choose a day to clean the entire house together.

In the beginning, my wife and I assigned each child (of six) a room to clean.

We would also participate by the way.

The house has eight rooms, several bathrooms, a couple of family rooms, a kitchen, and a large basement with several bedrooms and bathrooms.

In general, it was pretty easy to divide the house.

But I remember looking at it and thinking, “Wow, this is harder than I thought.”.

It took a lot longer than it should have.

With each kid and parent assigned to a room, cleaning should not have taken so long.

On Sunday I had a brilliant idea and I suggested assigning two kids to clean two rooms together instead of working alone.

Guess what happened?

It took us half the time to clean the house.

To be fair, it took less than half the time.

We were amazed!

Why developing a team attitude will save you time

What made it so much faster to clean the house when we worked in pairs?

It’s because two people can accomplish more than twice as much as one person.

In teamwork, we found that doing it all individually was more difficult.

They got bored, they got distracted, they didn’t know what to do.

Overall, it took longer to do it individually, but when they got together, they did it faster as a team.

Plus, it was a lot more fun.

Thus, from that point forward, any time we decided to do a family clean day, we always did it together as a team.

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Why teamwork will also help your business thrive

A while back, I remember we had this big goal to achieve in our business. Our manufacturing company was overflowing with orders, and we were trying to ship products out the door in record time.

In all honesty, I had no idea how we were expecting to ship all those products in time for Christmas.

I decided to set a goal to ship 200 boxes per week, but we had to do it together as a team.

It wasn’t just the people who packed the orders; it was also the people who took orders, processed orders, prepared orders, and packed them.

Nevertheless, whenever we reached 200, I would put money in a jar.

This big jar was placed in an open space where everyone could see it.

They saw how much cash I was putting in there.

Every time we ship 200 boxes or more, we receive a certain amount of cash per box.

If we ever shipped fewer than 200 a week, the goal was not met and we split the money.

I thought at best we would be able to do three weeks. However, three weeks turned into four, then five, then six, then seven, then eight, then nine, and then ten weeks.

In the end, this promotion lasted 11 weeks, ending just before Christmas.

When we finally were shipping less than 200 boxes and I sat down, the cash pile was literally huge.

Once I had counted out the money, I placed it in envelopes for each member of the staff.

They got one of the biggest Christmas bonuses ever, but they did it as a team.

Everybody worked together as a team and seeing their rewards in that jar inspired them.

Therefore, I’m here to tell you that everyone, whether it’s your family or whether it’s your company, achieves more when they work together.

Keep in mind that we weren’t put on earth to be alone. We’re meant to be together.

We are supposed to have a team attitude and be a community.

Are you interested in achieving professional success without sacrificing personal fulfillment?

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