How To Break Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Getting out of your comfort zone is crucial to your success.

In fact, I’m about to share something really cool with you (that I still can’t believe I did and enjoyed every minute of it).

It wasn’t easy but I persevered and here’s how you can too.

Here is the video of one of the craziest things I’ve ever done that forced me to get out of my comfort zone…… STANDUP COMEDY!

Public speaking is definitely one of those things that most people are too scared or fearful to do.

Here’s the thing, I actually enjoy speaking on a stage to large audiences, however, doing comedy in front of a live audience, is a whole new level of fear, doubt, and resistance.

Yet, I did it. I got up on that stage and delivered a funny dialogue.

But how?

With lots of practice, guidance, mentors, self-talk, perseverance, support, and, again, lots and lots of practice.

I’m living proof that you can do hard things and break out of your comfort zone.

I’m so glad I did and you can too.

Getting out of your comfort zone is crucial to your success.

When you’re faced with a challenge, ask yourself these 5 questions:

1. What is holding you back from doing the hard things in life?

We’ve all had those moments where we see a challenge in front of us and think, “No way am I going to do that!”

But what if you are just scared because it is the first time you’ve faced this kind of obstacle?

If you want to reach your goals, then don’t let fear stop you from doing the hard things.

Get over the fear and face them head-on so that nothing can hold you back!

Do what I did and get a mentor or someone who has done it before.

2. How do you get out of your own way and do the hard stuff?

One of the things I love about my job is that I get to work with entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are some of the most passionate and dedicated people in the world.

They’re doing something they really believe in, so it’s not surprising that they often find themselves getting stuck.

I’ve found myself in this situation many times over the years as well, but fortunately, there are a few ways you can overcome your own mental blocks and do what needs to be done.

Here’s how I deal with my fear of public speaking:

When I have an event coming up, instead of trying not to think about it or dreading it like usual, I spend time thinking excitedly about it!

It sounds counter-intuitive at first, but it works.

In this article, learn how you can create an exponential ripple effect of impact through teaching.

3. Why it’s important to do the hard things in life?

You know that feeling when you’re in the middle of a project and it’s just too hard to keep going?

How about when you feel like giving up on your dreams? If so, here are 3 reasons why it’s important to do the hard things in life:

  1. It will make you stronger
  2. You’ll be able to help others who have struggled with these same challenges but didn’t give up
  3. You’ll learn valuable lessons from the process.

“We are all faced with hard things in life. In order to be successful, it’s important to do the hard things in life. It’s what separates you from everyone else. There is no way around it.” -Michael Jordan

4. When you try new things, do you have a fear of failure or success?

Do you have a fear of failure or success? Do you worry about the consequences of trying new things, and whether you’ll be able to handle them if they don’t work out?

You’re not alone.

Most people are afraid of one or both outcomes.

But what would happen if we let go of this fear? What would happen if we dared to try something new and then use that experience as fuel for future successes?

A lot!

I know what it’s like to be afraid of the unknown. I’ve always been curious about new things, but I was also terrified of them at the same time.

What if my idea never worked?

What if someone laughed in my face for trying something that had already failed before?

It took me a while to realize that fear doesn’t exist without an opportunity for success on the other side.

So, when I was given the opportunity to do standup comedy, I decided to release all of that fear and just go for it!

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5. How do you deal with procrastination?

Procrastination can come from fear or overwhelm, and it’s important to understand what your triggers are before you attempt to take on something new or challenging.

Procrastination is a natural human behavior, and it’s something we all do.

The difference between those who are successful (and those who are not) comes down to how they manage this unproductive habit.

Here are some quick tips on how to beat procrastination: 

The first step in beating procrastination is understanding it, which means exploring the different causes of procrastinating such as fear of failure or success or perfectionism.

It also includes an exploration of what motivates people towards action – like rewards, deadlines, or pressure from others.

  • set deadlines for yourself
  • do something small first
  • find what works for you
  • take care of your mental health
  • create habits
  • find out what triggers the urge to procrastinate
  • Have self-compassion

If I can get out of my comfort zone, you can too.

What is something you’ve done that you never, in a million years, thought you would ever do? Share over on Instagram @themarktimm. I would love to hear your story.

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