A Powerful Tip For Every Dad Out There!

There are a lot of things that come with being a dad.

You have to be able to change diapers, calm a crying baby, give lots of cuddles, listen to them, mentor them, and spend time with them.

But one of the most important things you can do as a dad is to be there for your kids.

Be present!

That means being around when they need you, playing with them, listening when they talk, and most importantly, being there in spirit.

Thanks for reading, dads – Happy Father’s Day!

A valuable Father’s Day message

Sometimes I get asked the question, “If you knew what you knew today, what would you do differently 20 years ago?”

I’ve got young adult children, so when I go back 20 years, I’ve got little bitties, and recently, I found a video of one of my little bitties.

I was actually playing horsey with my little bitty named Mary.

Mary stayed in perfect character.

In this video, I was horsey.

She was my rider and she climbed up on horsey and she was laughing.

She was about two years old.

A two-year-old giggle is priceless.

Here I was bucking the little rider and she was giggling and she was telling horsey where to go and to go this direction and go that direction.

And then she says, “whoa”, and the horsey has to stop.

She gets off and says, “we’re done horsey”.

The point here is that I look at that video and I’m here to tell you, tears were in my eyes.

There were tears because this same young lady is now 21.

That was 20 years ago and I look back on that and I’m so thankful that I took the time to play with her.

So the message that I have for dads out there, if you’ve got littles, my message for you on Father’s Day is to play with them.

Be present as a Dad (you’ll be thankful later)!

They’ll never be more imaginative, more creative than they are when they’re little.

So, lean into that, get dirty, get down on the floor, get on their level and play with them and play the whole day with them.

Don’t watch TV.

Don’t look at your phone.

Go play with your kids.

That’s what I would do differently.

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Being a Dad to young adults is cool too!

Let’s fast forward a little bit.

I am a dad of young adults and some of them don’t live here.

Some of them are far away and some of them live around, but they certainly don’t live in my home.

So the message that I have for you, if you’ve got young adult children, that are spread out all over and maybe they’re adult children, maybe you’re listening to this and maybe they’re not even young adult children, either way, talk to them, call them, make it a priority to communicate with them.

The one thing that I remember about Mother’s Day or Father’s Day is that you get phone calls on those special days.

Therefore, I was thinking to myself this year, what if I flipped the script?

Instead of waiting for them to call me, I just called them.

I’ve heard some parents say, “Hey, I didn’t get a phone call or this child never calls me on Father’s Day or Mother’s Day”.

But what if we flip that and we actually call our young adults, our grown-up children, and say how cool it was to be their dad, how much we love being their dad.

It totally changes the script.

This changes the narrative.

I guarantee you, they will hear nothing but love in that conversation.

They won’t be upset that you called them and you won’t be upset that they didn’t call you.

Everybody will know that you love being their dad.

Go ahead and try that for this year on Father’s Day?

I know that I’m going to do that as well.

So happy Father’s Day and go out there and love on your kids. No matter their age.

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  1. Mor Maty Seck on June 18, 2022 at 1:36 pm

    I would do many things differently. I regret so much. To my wife and all my wonderful children, I beg your forgiveness!!!

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