Why Last Year Was Our Best Year Ever as a Family

Plus One Way We Failed — and What We Just Did About It

Do you know what you want to accomplish in 2016? What goals do you have for your business and your family? This past year was a great year for the Timm family—our best year ever. We achieved far more than we ever dreamed possible. But it didn’t happen by accident.


Last year’s success started when my wife Ann and I had a conversation. We knew there was more we could and should be doing in life, work, and family.

But it felt as if we never had enough time, energy, or focus to get it all done. We began asking each other questions about our goals and challenging one another to rethink our direction.

About that time, I had the opportunity to watch some videos from a course created by a friend of mine Michael Hyatt called Best Year Ever.

After I watched the videos, I asked Ann, “What if we could make 2015 our best year ever?”

She smiled and asked, “What’s the catch?”

I asked if she would be interested in getting away and going through Michael’s course with me to see if it would help us get more intentional and accomplish more of the things we want to get done.

She agreed to embark on the journey and we went through the course together.

It was much easier than we anticipated. The process was straightforward and uncluttered.

And the results proved to be just as valuable for me in my business as they were for Ann as a keeper of the home.

And it was especially helpful helpful to us both as parents of six kids.

The process brought us closer as a couple because it gave me a sense of ownership for Ann’s goals and her a sense of ownership for my goals.

5 Benefits We Got from the Course

The Best Year Ever course helped us in 5 distinct ways because it:

  1. Helped us define what matters most. We knew we could do more than we were doing. We just needed help to put it on paper in words we could use to talk about it.
  2. Gave us the confidence to know we could do it. We came out of the course with the belief that we could move the needle on the things that matter most to us.
  3. Led us through the process of setting goals. The course helped us get clear on our beliefs and then drill down to produce actionable goals. By setting clear and concrete goals, it made us intentional about our efforts.
  4. Gave us a way to measure progress. Sometimes people set goals but they are not smart goals. This course helped us to set smart goals we could achieve and then measure progress.
  5. Reminded us to celebrate the wins. All too often we go from goal to goal without taking time to celebrate success. But success is what motivates us to go after the next goal.

As powerful as the course was for us, however, our year wasn’t perfect. We made unprecedented progress. But we failed to accomplish all our goals.

Seeing that gap caused us to ask, What more can we do for 2016?

Taking the New Year to the Next Level

We realized one BIG reason we fell short in some areas: we didn’t involve enough people last year.

It was just Ann and I who went through the course.

But as the parents of six kids—all of whom are part of our family business—there were so many other moving parts that we often felt like we had to compromise our goals to make life work for the kids.

We began to ask: what if this year we involved our children in the goal-setting process right from the start?

Yesterday, we did just that.

We went through the course together—the entire Timm family—so we could each set our individual and family goals and then hold one another accountable as a family.


We know it will make all the difference in the world this year and the entire family is super excited about it.

If you or your family need help getting clarity on your goals and feeling confident about your direction in the coming year, I cannot say enough about this course from Michael Hyatt.

It impacted us so much that I became an affiliate of Best Year Ever.

If you think your family would benefit from being on the same page as the new year begins, I encourage you to check it this video about creating a roadmap to achieve your goals.

The course is only available for 2016 until this Thursday night at 11:59 PM.

Start Your Best Year Ever

Michael offers free videos that I know will be helpful to you no matter what you decide.

And I would love to hear your story if you’ve gone through the course before or if you go through the course now as a family for this year.

Question: What goals do have you set for this new year? How would achieving those goals position you and your family for success? You can share your thoughts by clicking here.


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