Why Business Leaders Can Be Great Parents

7 Ways Your Family Is Like a Business

There’s nothing like the feeling of leaving the office after a successful day. Unfortunately for many business leaders, that sense of satisfaction ends when they arrive at home and feel as if their families are spiraling out of control. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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If you are a business leader struggling to be a better parent, there is good news for you. You are closer than you realize to the clarity and confidence you need to build a family that you are proud of every day. You already have the skills and knowledge to make it happen; you just need to know how to apply them at home.

Business leaders like you can leverage your success at work to win at home because, as I have discovered, a business and a family have a lot in common.

Both need intentional people development. Businesses depend on growing people. So do families. The good news is you already know how to develop people in your business.

Both have stakeholders who must buy-in to the vision. Admittedly, kids can be a tougher crowd than employees, but you’ve got a lot more ways to invest in relationships with your family.

Both succeed best when focused on a shared goal. Try succeeding at work when everyone is doing his or her own thing. Not happening! Why would we think that approach would work at home?

Both produce growth in pursuit of profit. If your business isn’t growing, it’s dying. It’s no different in the family. It has to grow to stay alive as it pursues the bottom line—a stronger, happier, healthier family.

Both rise and fall on effective leadership. It took me a while to realize I could make a difference at home by doing the same thing I did at work – step up and lead. When I didn’t lead, my family suffered for it.

Both require systems to function at their best. You use systems to succeed at work every day. Why not apply the expertise you already have to develop better systems for your family?

Both require communication protocols. My wife and I have developed protocols to govern scheduling, meetings, conflict resolution, use of technology—the list goes on. You would never try to run a business without clearly communicated protocols and procedures in place. Why would you think a family could succeed without them?

When I realized this connection between business and family, I found the clarity and confidence I needed to be a better parent. Although our family is far from perfect, my wife and I started applying what I knew worked in business to our family—and began to achieve unprecedented parenting success.

My latest eBook reveals the entire framework we’ve used to make the connection between business and family—Win at Home like You Win at Work: 5 Proven Practices to Be a More Confident Parent and Empower Your Family to Thrive.

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Question:Have you ever thought of your family as a business? What other ways do you think a business is similar to a family? You can share your thoughts by clicking here.


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