Who Else Wants to Be a Confident Parent?

Get So Clear on Your Purpose You Could Put It on a T-Shirt

Quick! What’s your business motto, slogan, or tagline? I’ll bet you know it pretty well don’t you? Now what is your family’s motto, slogan, or tagline?


If your mind went blank when you read that question, you are not alone. Most families don’t have one.

Yet what is one of the first things a successful business leader like you would do if you were launching a new enterprise? After naming it, you’d develop a tagline to communicate your central purpose.

Your family already has a name. But there’s good chance it lacks a motto.

Both my business and my family have names and mottos. My business is called Cottage Garden, Inc. We are the leading manufacturer of sentiment-based music boxes and musical frames in North America. Our motto expresses our simple philosophy: “Give retailers a fair price, free fixtures, and excellent customer service on all products.”

My family is also my business. Our name is the Timm Family. We’re even incorporated as legal entity — 2BTimms, LLC — and our family motto keeps us focused on our simple philosophy:

Love God. Live Right. Lead All Out.

  • Love God. Love God. Our faith is at the center of all we do. As followers of Jesus, we seek first to love Him with our hearts, souls, mind and strength, and then our neighbor as ourselves. We desire to live out His love in whatever we  do. Whether we’re resolving issues at school or dealing with conflict at home. Whether we’re working to help a neighbor in need or working hard at having fun together. In our self-absorbed culture, we believe it is important for our children to know that they are not the center of the universe. So everything begins and ends with our faith.
  • Live Right. Our family has placed an emphasis on character development. Character is not a word you hear praised much these days, but every business leader has seen how people get hurt when character fails. We talk more about our children’s character quotient (CQ) than their college plans. In fact, they all know my wife and I care about grades far less than we care about character. Why? CQ always trumps IQ.
  • Lead All Out. Business leaders know it’s challenging to find employees with a strong work ethic, and yet every successful person I’ve ever known has had to work hard to get there. You can give your children a competitive advantage these days simply by teaching them to work hard. We define work ethic as the work they do when no one else is looking or watching them. That is when their true character is revealed.

Not only does our motto look great on a t-shirt, but my wife and I firmly believe that if we can instill those three things in our children, they will be successful long after they are out from under our roof.

Our motto gives our parenting efforts focus. It causes us to put first things first. What does your family motto do?

To modify an old saying, the family that aims at nothing is sure to hit it.

Question: What do you think of our Timm Family motto? What values do you think should be part of your family motto? You can share your thoughts by clicking here.


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