What Is the Most Valuable Business You Will Ever Own?

The Best Tool I’ve Found for Building Your Family Legacy

What is your greatest business success? If you’re a business leader or entrepreneur like me, your mind immediately turns to some resume-building accomplishment. But what if we’re missing something? What if the most valuable business you will ever own is your own family?

Timm Legacy

We entrepreneurs tend to focus on what is in front of us – our business. But when we do, we tend to neglect our families because, although we believe them to be important, investing in them doesn’t always seem to be urgent.

So we tend to let them slide, hoping our spouses will pick up the slack so we don’t have to try to figure it all out.

We hope our businesses will grow and make a difference in the world, lasting long after we gone. But if we’re not careful, we’ll miss the obvious truth: Our families are the one thing guaranteed to have an impact for generations to come.

Yet how often are we intentional about focusing on our families and setting goals to achieve the family legacy we want in the long-term?

The Best Day Ever

Earlier this year when I celebrated my birthday, my children asked me what it was I wanted.

“I want the ultimate family day,” I told them. “I want a day where we do things together, play games together, fish together —whatever it is that we do, we commit to doing it together. We will put the technology on the table and spend time with each other.”

The day actually started the day before when I picked up my grandparents who are almost ninety years old and brought them to our home. We decided to go over to the lake for fishing and boating.

Our decision was especially appropriate because when I made the lake, I dedicated it to my grandfather. At the time, he’d said, “Mark, I dream of living long enough to catch a mess of fish in this lake so we can fry them all up and eat them as a family.”

Well, that day had come. My grandfather, who hadn’t fished in two years, got in the boat — and the fish were biting!

Our kids went out on the paddle boat, the canoe, the kayak — anything that would float. We had so much fun that lunch came and went with nobody wanting to leave.

When my parents showed up, we had four generations together for what turned into a huge fish fry that we’ll be talking about in the Timm family for decades.

The best part was that the kids thought the day was awesome!

“You know what, guys, “ I told them, “this is what I want for my birthday every year. Every single year this is the gift you can give me. I don’t care what stage of life I am in, this is what I want for my birthday. And I mean every year. Ten years from now, twenty years, even when I’m Grandpa Bob’s age, you don’t even need to ask any more. This is what I want: a special day investing in our family.”

That was one of the best days in my life! But we had to be intentional about it.

I had to make it a priority to invest in my family as the most valuable business I will ever own.

The Best Year Ever for Your Family

One of the most valuable tools my wife Ann and I have discovered to be intentional about investing in our family is an online course created by my friend Michael Hyatt called 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever.

We benefited so much from this goal-setting course last year that I became an affiliate, because I know from personal experience how much it can help business leaders who are parents get the clarity and confidence they need.

This year, Michael has created a free video series to help you hit the “refresh” button and get a clean start with your family.

In the first video, Michael will ask you three questions. Your answers can set you up to have your best year ever.

I encourage you to go watch it today: http://bestyearever.me/a17769/designedlife

If you’ve ever felt like there was something standing between you and the family you really want, don’t miss this free video series.

You can finally get clear on how setting goals for your family can truly transform your life — even if you’ve tried in the past and failed.

Make this coming year the one where you finally get intentional about growing your family legacy as your most valuable business.

Question: What parenting goals would you want to accomplish in the new year? What is your plan for actually achieving those goals? You can share your thoughts by clicking here.


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