Habit 4 of a Family that Wins: Communication

Seven Practices of Families Who Communicate Effectively

My wife and I attended a marriage seminar this past weekend; in fact, we presented a talk on the topic of making your family a priority. And it reminded me of the fourth habit of a family that wins.


We enjoyed participating in the sessions, and one of the things we learned—the number one thing that was talked about at this marriage seminar—was the top reason that marriages struggle—communication.

How Do Family Meetings Work with Younger Children?

3 Keys to Getting Started When Your Kids are Small

Meetings serve as the hub of family success, just as they do for business success. Family meetings are critical for our family of teen and pre-teen kids. But what if your family has younger children? Will having regular meetings still work for you?

Young Family

To answer that question, it might be helpful to think of a younger family as a start-up business. Like a start-up, younger families are often extremely busy. The executive team (Mom and Dad) wears a lot of different hats. And there’s always a significant learning curve because everything is new.

Productive Family Meetings: 3 Essential Steps

What You Need to Know to Make Them Work for You

Imagine a business team that never met to discuss how the business was doing. What if their only planning was done on the fly while passing in the halls as they hurried to return calls? How effective and successful do you think that business would be?


We’ve all experienced too many purposeless meetings, but without regular meetings of some sort, your business—and your family—will quickly descend into chaos.

For the Timm Family, our family meetings have become the hub at the center of all we do. In fact, on the rare occasion that we miss a meeting, we start feeling the chaos immediately.

Family meetings are now the glue that holds our family business together. Our entire family—all eight of us—look forward to our weekly gatherings. The meetings allow us to coordinate, communicate, and deepen our relational bonds.