Is Your Family Mission Ready for the New Year?

You're Clear on Your Business Goals, but What about Your Family Goals?

By now, most business leaders are wrapping up loose ends and getting ready to shut down for the holidays. It’s a festive time of year, to be sure — a time of reflecting, celebrating, and looking forward to what lies ahead. You probably have a mission in mind for next year for your business endeavors. But what about your family?

Inspirational quote on picture frame over a dirty brick wall. DO SOMETHING TODAY THAT YOUR FUTURE SELF WILL THANK YOU FOR.

For a business to succeed, you can’t just wing it. You have to be intentional about choosing where you are going and developing a strategy to accomplish your mission.

A family works the same way. When we started treating our family as a business, everything changed for my wife, Ann, and me.

Right now, especially with all the family craziness that can take place at Christmas, your family may feel out of control. You might be like a lot of business leaders who’ve experienced tremendous success at work, but you just don’t feel as if you’re winning at home.

If you are the spouse of a business person, you may be puzzled by his or her ability to do so well at work, but to seemingly vanish at home. Maybe your spouse is even expecting you to carry the parenting load while he or she leads the business. [See my post The One Thing Fathers Can’t Delegate.] I’ve been there and done that. So I know what it’s like to feel that way.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you are a business leader, you already know a lot of what you need to win at home like you win at work.

The One Thing You Need to Do Next Year

Success at home will not happen by accident. Hope is not strategy any more than good luck is a valid mission statement.

If you tried winging it at work, you’d soon be out of business or out of a job. Why would we think that our families would be any different?

You have to be intentional about developing a family mission statement and then putting systems and structure in place to live it out.

I often liken the process to planting a tree. We recently went out and bought five trees to plant on our property. Now, we have lots of trees already, but these were special trees that my wife wanted.

Yes, I cringed at the amount of money that we were spending for just five trees, even though they were fairly mature trees.

new tressIMG_0785

When we got back home with the trees, I was still thinking about how much money we had just spent and wondering if we really needed them. But then I started looking around at all the trees that I’d planted over the years, and I realized something: I don’t regret planting a single tree in my lifetime.

Every tree that I’ve planted, I love. I’m glad I planted them. But it turns out I do regret something when it comes to trees.

I wish I had planted more.

Ten years later, so many of those previously planted trees are big and beautiful that I wish I had been intentional about planting more so I would be enjoying their beauty today.

It works the same way with our families.  If we want to build a family we can be proud of, we have to plant some trees. We have to make the investment.  We have to get our hands dirty, as it were, to set our children up for success.

The Value of Getting Intentional

I shared in a previous post about the awesome birthday I had last year with my grandfather.

That magical day would never have happened if he hadn’t planted a tree by teaching me to fish decades earlier. I don’t love fishing actually, but my grandfather took me fishing all the time when I was a kid.

He planted a tree in me 40 years ago that has taken root, and now I’m able to give that gift back to him. It’s still a magical experience when we’re together with two fishing poles.  A tree he planted forty years ago continues to bloom with incredible beauty, even today.

To create these magical memories with our families, we have to be intentional about it. We have to plant trees and create a healthy place for them to grow.

The best tool I have found to help you execute on your family mission is 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever, an online course from my friend Michael Hyatt. If you’ve tried traditional goal-setting and failed, you will LOVE this course. Ann and I went through this course last year, and it changed our lives.

This coming year, we plan to take the entire family through the course at the same time,  intentionally planting another tree (or a bunch of them)!

In his latest FREE video, Michael reveals a powerful tool you can use to make this coming year the best ever for your family!

Click here to watch the free video now.

It’s only available for limited time and then it goes away for the rest of the year, so don’t put it off.

It’s never too early or too late to plant a tree—and the new year is the perfect time for a fresh start.

Question: In what ways have you been intentional about your family mission this past year? What do you want to accomplish with your family in the new year? You can share your thoughts by clicking here.


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